ILUS - International Land Use Symposium 2023

Urban Analytics for Transforming Cities and Regions: Tools, Methods and Applications

4th-6th October 2023 at CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India


Nilesh M. Desai
Distinguished Scientist Director, Space Applications Centre (SAC/ISRO), Ahmedabad

Dr. Falk W├╝rriehausen
Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Coordination Office SDI, Germany

Dr. Margaret M. Hinrichs
Associate Director of Decision Science, Knowledge Exchange for Resilience
Decision Theater Convergence and Facilitation Lead, Arizona State University

Dr Filip Biljecki
Singapore, Assistant Professor, head of NUS Urban Analytics Lab, National University of Singapore

Prof. Erik Johnston
Arizona State University, Decision Theater, Convergence and facilitation

Book of Abstract

Here you can find the Book of Abstracts!

Gandhi, S., Parikh, D., Jehling, M., Behnisch, M., Parmar, M., & Sharma, R. (2023). Book of Abstracts. ILUS - International Land Use Symposium 2023, Ahmedabad, India.